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Full Service Podcast Production

Tube Microphone in Studio
Radio Interview
Sound Equipment
We have plunged into the world of podcasting and are now offering our full fleet of podcasting equipment and production expertise. When you book studio time with us you will:
  • Get full access to our audio recording and studio equipment
  • Have a tech on site to help you run through the show and assist you in producing your content
  • Have a tech to edit and publish your content post recording, to the platforms of your choice
Not only do we offer audio recording for your show, but we also offer multi-camera video. This will help you capture visual content and highlight special guests you may be featuring on your show.
The great thing about our equipment is it's primarily mobile, so you can actually record from the comfort of your home or wherever you like to gather and talk with your co-hosts and guests.
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Equipment List:
(2) Marantz MPM-1000 Microphones (with Windscreen & Shockmount), (1) Shure SM58 Microphone, (1) Rode Rodecaster Pro (Audio Interface/Mixer), (2) GoPro Hero 7 Black
Audio recorded through OBS or Rodecaster & then edited together in Vegas Studio Platinum in HD MP3 Format.
Video edited together in Vegas Studio Platinum in 1080p HD
MP4 Format.
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